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Guy Cuthbert

Computer Scientist from education, businessman from choice and Data Animator from passion. Driven to discover outlying behaviours in order to repeat the very best and avoid the very worst; the simplest path to continuous improvement? Fact-based, data-driven, skeptical empiricist (or emprical skeptic?) with – I hope – a human outlook that values humour, the aesthetic, camaraderie, optimism and a certain joie de vivre.

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Simon Runc

My aim in life is simple…to understand how things ‘really’ work! With all our inherent biases, a data-driven (scientific) approach is the only way to achieve this.

I use a mix of statistics and visualizations to deliver data-driven understanding, aka insights. Working as a Data Analyst in the Retail Industry for 10+ years, I have picked up plenty of geeky skills to organise/manipulate nearly any dataset and derive true insights, as well as a wealth of knowledge on all things retail. Armed with both Alteryx and Tableau, I’m amazed at what is possible and hope to share the Art-of-the-Possible (along with my Data Animator friends) and our passion for data and discovery.

Joanna Pakes